Memo’s “Readership in Action” Report

In an effort to share the value of readership data more broadly, today we published Memo’s first publicly available Insights report for the PR & Comms industry. Accurate, article-level readership data has reinvented the insights for earned-media measurement and strategy over the past two years, something I witness every day working with the innovative and bold PR teams who are pioneering this change.

While most of our Insights reporting is highly tailored to our customers – their brands, their competitors, and their goals – this report is wider in scope. “Readership in Action” compares actual readership to potential reach (otherwise known as impressions or UVMs) to uncover the publications driving high readership for recurring news topics across three industries. 

Of course, getting high readership is never the be-all and end-all goal; qualitative factors like message pull-through and the publication’s reputation among your target audience remain critical inputs to evaluating earned media. But if you wanted to answer how many people really read a placement the next time your CEO asks; or know what messaging resonates most; or take the guesswork out of choosing an outlet for an exclusive, readership needs to be part of the equation.

My hope is that this report provides new insights for communicators in the industries analyzed here – Tech, Entertainment, and Grocery – and that it demonstrates the types of powerful learnings that readership enables across all industries.

Whether you use Memo or are just discovering us for the first time, I hope to hear what you think, and what you’d like to see next in this series. Please reach out to me anytime (, and enjoy the report.

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