Memo for Agencies

Memo for Agencies

Deliver data-driven media relations for your clients

Award-winning agencies rely on Memo to retain and grow their business, tapping into readership data for a scientific approach to PR and storytelling.

“Brands deserve fast, accurate PR data to better assess narrative and business impact. We’ve embraced Memo’s readership data as a way to show actual results for our clients’ communications programs and strategies.”

Geoffrey Sidari, SVP of Advanced Analytics, WE Communications

Become a lasting partner with accurate PR data

Your clients pay you for your media expertise but what if you could back your recommendations with data straight from the publications your clients want coverage in?

Memo reveals the outlets and reporters driving readership for your client so you can better inform your PR strategy and place clients’ stories in the right places.

Demonstrate the actual value of your work

No need to fear agency reviews when armed with Memo Readership Value (MRV), our new financial metric for PR.

With MRV, you can report to your clients what it would cost their marketing team to buy the equivalent attention driven from the media coverage your agency has secured. Turns out, a whole lot.

Get to the heart of your clients’ stories faster

Tapping into the right story and approach for your clients can be tough when you’re on the outside looking in.

With Memo readership data, you can more quickly tease out relevant press angles and identify the topics that can drive more coverage for your clients.

Grow SOV with a readership-backed approach

Growing share of voice has become table stakes in terms of clients’ expectations from their PR agency.

We can help you take a differentiated approach to SOV with readership reporting that shows where your client is winning and the press tactics working for their competitors.