Introducing Sentiment Data That’s Actually Accurate

The Product Team

April 13th, 2023

Today, Memo launched automated sentiment ratings within the dashboard. For the first time, communications teams have visibility into whether their brands are mentioned in positive, negative, or neutral news coverage and if their brands are mentioned in positive, negative, or neutral ways.

Keep reading to learn more about why we built it, how we pressure tested it, and how it’s different from anything you’ve used before.

Automated Sentiment Analysis with 90%+ Accuracy

Context is everything, and it’s not valuable when ‘neutral’ serves as a catchall bucket for sentiment or if automated sentiment analysis is unreliable (even frequently inaccurate). You can’t derive any valuable insights from inaccurate data.

We tested countless AI technologies across a broad range of brands and coverage to create automated sentiment analysis that is over 90% accurate at the article and brand level. When testing a similar sample size of competitive tools, Memo found that sentiment was accurate 65% of the time on average.

Article Sentiment vs Brand Sentiment

Memo always uses the latest AI technology to analyze coverage headlines, the full text of the article, and specific brand mentions. Here’s the difference between Article Sentiment and Brand Sentiment analysis in the Memo Dashboard:

  1. Article sentiment uncovers the overall tone of the full piece of coverage. Memo’s analysis includes the headline and full text of an article to determine a contextualized positive, negative, or neutral sentiment rating.
  1. Brand sentiment reveals the tone of brand mentions within a piece of coverage. For this, Memo analyzes the headline (if the brand is mentioned) and the words around brand mention(s) within the article.

Within the Memo dashboard, you can see sentiment at an individual article or mention level and in aggregate across all coverage to help you see trends across topics, publications, and specific reporters.


If you’re interested in learning about Memo readership data and more about Memo Sentiment, set up some time with us to walk you through the dashboard!

If you’re a Memo Customer, you can reach out to your Customer Experience contact to see how you can get access to Sentiment data today!

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