Measure Impact

Memo for Brands

Accurately measure the impact of your communications & PR efforts

Memo tracks and measures readership at the article-level so you can see what publications, reporters, topics, and categories are making the biggest impact for your brand.

Readership shows how many people are actually reading about your brand.

Memo is the only platform that reports readership, direct from publications.

Uncover which publications, reporters, and topics are performing for your brand with readership at an article level and at an aggregate level.

Memo provides you with all the data points you need to measure real impact and demonstrate value.

Gain deeper insights and demonstrate performance

Memo categorizes coverage at a macro and micro level using best-in-class AI so that you can better understand what’s driving readership, specific to you.

Compare campaigns, messaging, topics, and more.

Calculate the actual value of your efforts

Memo Readership Value (MRV) calculates the cost it would take through advertising channels to drive the same amount of traffic to a piece of content as readers to a specific article.

Uncover the true value of earned media.

Report metrics with the same credibility as other business functions

Ambiguous metrics lose credibility over time, and inaccurate metrics undercut your actual performance.

Keep your seat at the table with readership metrics that actually make sense.