Memo for Brands

Memo for Brands

Understand exactly how many people are reading about you

Memo connects you with readership data at an article-level, direct from publishers, so you can maximize the impact of your media strategy and make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Join the brands who have moved away from potential reach and other estimates

“We get excited about Memo because it allows us to compare coverage volume to actual readership, giving us a deeper understanding of what’s actually moving the needle.”

Tyler Olsen, Reporting and Analytics lead, Communications, Responsibility & Events, T-Mobile

Apply new data to find your perfect story

Even the best storytellers can use a leg up to ensure their messaging is resonating.

By understanding readership across your media coverage, you can strengthen your press angles and zero in on the topics driving the most traction for your brand.

Show the actual value of your efforts

Communicators can drive meaningful impact to the bottom line, but inadequate data has made their work hard to quantify.

Memo Readership Value (MRV) taps into readership data to reveal what it would cost your marketing team to buy the equivalent attention driven from PR efforts. Turns out, a whole lot.

Find the right place for the right story

Every brand has their tried-and-true outlets and journalists, but readership empowers you to prioritize in a whole new way.

Memo identifies which outlets and reporters are driving readership for your brand so you can place the right stories in the right places.

Track readership to stay on top of competitors and industry trends

A critical component of any good PR strategy is keeping a close watch on what others are doing.

Monitor your competitor’s readership to see how your media coverage stacks up and identify opportunities you might be missing out on.

For your own peace of mind, Memo has established policies and controls, monitors compliance, and maintains attestation with third-party auditors. Among other certifications, Memo is SOC 2 Type II compliant.