Intro to Readership

Unique visitors at the article-level tell you how many people are reading about you

Memo connects you with the number of unique visitors for your coverage at an article-level, direct from publishers, so you can get an accurate measure of your success and make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Memo is the only platform that partners with publications to report readership.

Measure the true impact of your work

All coverage is not created equal. Just because someone wrote it, doesn’t mean anyone is reading it. On the flip side, impressions and average visitor counts could be vastly undervaluing coverage that performs well above average.

Readership uncovers the topics, outlets, and reporters that attract eyeballs to your earned media coverage. Learn more about readership data and when it typically peaks.

Create data-driven media strategies you know will work

By understanding readership across your media coverage, you can strengthen your press angles and zero in on the topics driving the most traction for your brand.

Gain more confidence in your media strategy by uncovering what reporters drive the most readership for your brand, specific topics, or industry. Learn more about planning with readership data.

Back your gut in a crisis

Don’t revive your own news cycle by continuing to comment on negative news just because coverage volume seems high.

Knowing how many people are reading about negative news cycles (and where) helps you create a clear a path forward…even if that means doing nothing. See how readership data can give clarity in a crisis.

Join the brands who have moved away from potential reach and other estimates