Work Strategically

Memo for Brands

Create a media strategy designed for impact, backed by data

Memo connects you with readership data so you can maximize the impact of your media strategy and make smarter, data-driven decisions for your brand.

Memo is the only platform that reports readership, direct from publications.

Readership shows how many people are actually reading about your brand.

Gain clear visibility into what publications, reporters, and topics drive the highest readership for your brand at an article level.

An aggregate view of readership across topics, reporters, publications, and campaigns, gives you clear direction on where to focus resources.

Uncover opportunities and boost performance

Memo categorizes coverage at a macro and micro level using best-in-class AI so that you can better understand what’s driving readership, specific to you and your industry.

With time-over-time analysis or by comparing campaigns, messaging, topics, and more, you can see what’s working, what’s not, and adjust quickly.

Uncover new opportunities with reporters and publications that attract unexpectedly high readership.

Deeper insights when you need them

Memo’s Insights Team is an extension of your team with the ability to research and analyze readership data on whatever topic or industry is important to you.

On-demand Insights Reports provide unparalleled visibility into top publications, reporters, topics, and key messages to inform your upcoming campaigns.

Know where to invest your resources

Whether you need to back your gut with data or help guiding your strategy to begin with, readership gives you a clear understanding of where to prioritize pitching and spokesperson time.

Your media strategy is only as strong as the data behind it.