Reporter Intelligence

Reporter Intelligence

The only readership-driven reporter database

You can finally build lists with confidence and place stories you know will resonate based on readership trends at the writer level with Memo’s Reporter Intelligence.

Memo is the only platform that partners with publications to report readership.

Find reporters that drive readership around the topics you care about most

Memo created Reporter Intelligence, the first-ever reporter database that reveals top-read topics and articles for reporters alongside contact information. 

Build media lists with confidence, backed by data

Because Memo tracks readership at the article-level, you’ll always be able to see where reporters are currently writing, what they’re writing about, and what’s attracting readers.

Know what to expect with sentiment for reporter coverage

See sentiment breakdowns for a reporter’s coverage so you know what to expect. Memo leverages the latest AI technology to determine article sentiment with over 90% accuracy (compared to 65% accuracy with similar platforms).

For your own peace of mind, Memo has established policies and controls, monitors compliance, and maintains attestation with third-party auditors. Among other certifications, Memo is SOC 2 Type II compliant.

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