Memo for Publishers

Memo for Publishers

Take control over how brands value your content

Building a premium audience online can be costly and time-consuming, yet many brands have adopted measurement practices that devalue readership for the entire media industry.

Memo is reshaping how brands value your content by accurately measuring readership for PR and communications professionals.

“Memo is proving the value of editorial content by premium publications. This is a mission our entire industry should get behind.”

Matt Minoff, Chief Digital Officer, Meredith

Existing approaches to PR measurement have negatively impacted publishers’ perceived value

A reliance on display ad benchmarking

Article readership is often measured on a CPM basis, incorrectly equating an entire article of professionally produced content to display ad impressions.

Earned media measurement that prioritizes social engagement

When it comes to article engagement, existing tools prioritize social metrics, even though social is a small fraction of a publisher’s traffic.

Memo’s Solution

A fresh approach to measuring readership

Memo partners directly with publishers to report the actual readership on articles so companies can understand exactly how many people are reading about them.

For the first time, the world’s largest brands are using readership to gain a better understanding of the performance and value of publisher content.

MRV for Publishers gives premium editorial content the credit it deserves

  • MRV (Memo Readership Value) proves the value of highly engaged readership
  • Readers discover articles via multiple channels (search, social, email)
  • Readership is multiplied by the cost-per-click for each channel
  • An article’s MRV is the total paid-media cost for all channels

For your own peace of mind, Memo has established policies and controls, monitors compliance, and maintains attestation with third-party auditors. Among other certifications, Memo is SOC 2 Type II compliant.