Crisis Comms

Memo for Brands

Make smarter, data-driven decisions for your brand in a crisis

Memo is the only platform that reports readership, direct from publications, so you can get clear visibility into which topics and news cycles are harming your brand and which are just ‘a flash in the pan.’

Readership shows how many people are actually reading about an issue.

Lean on real readership data when advising key executives

Memo is the only platform that reports readership, direct from publications.

Whether you need to back your gut with data or help guiding your strategy to begin with, readership gives you a clear understanding of what topics are and aren’t driving readership for your brand.

Sometimes the best course of action is to do nothing. Get the readership data to prove it. See what readership signaled about past crises.

Make strategy decisions faster

Stop burning hours doing research in the midst of a crisis, when data is standing by to guide your decision.

Anytime access to Memo data when a crisis is unfolding allows you to make decisions faster and spend your time working on solutions.

See what readership data can signal early in a news cycle and the price of indecision.

Focus your efforts

Understand what publications, reporters, regions, and channels attract the most readership so you can prioritize outreach and resources as a crisis is unfolding (or create a plan in preparation for a crisis you know is looming).

See how customers lean on data when a crisis arises.

Combine the power of data with industry expertise

Memo’s Insights Team is an extension of your team, with the ability to research and analyze readership data on crises as they unfold.

Unite readership data with industry expertise to advise on a path forward. See Insights reports in action.