New Feature: Unlocking Deeper Insights with Custom Tags

The Product Team

February 15th, 2023

Splicing and dicing readership data by topic helps comms teams understand what topics and campaigns get the most traction, which can inform the tactics to continue and where to adjust messaging. Today, Memo launched custom Tags to help comms and PR teams take readership analysis a step further.

What are Tags?

Custom Tags allow teams to categorize coverage by campaign, team, message pull-through score, core message, or whatever else you might find helpful. Here’s what it looks like:

You can apply Tags in bulk or one-by-one. Custom Tags are an additional layer of categorization for coverage within the Memo dashboard.

How are they different from Topics?

In addition to automated Topic categorization, Tags enable teams to label coverage with internal or team-specific categories that might help them gain visibility into team, campaign, or messaging performance.

Memo automatically assigns every article a Topic using machine learning models that were purpose-built for the PR & comms use case. We know that article Topic labels aren’t helpful when they’re generic, like “Apple” or “cell phones.” Memo topics describe what type of coverage an article is (is it a product review, is it event coverage, etc.), and extracts the entity that article is focused on. For example, “Product – Launch – iPhone 14”, “Product – Review – Corvette,” or “Business News – ESG.”

Most-read publications and reporters differ by topic. Topics give teams a granular view of what is driving readership so they can optimize their media strategy. Tags allow the team to unlock deeper insights and measure success through an additional lens.

More data means more insights.

Topics alone help brands discover what drives the most readers to brand coverage. They help PR teams understand what publications and reporters attract readers for certain topics. Tags allow teams to gain more insights so they can optimize their efforts even more

For example, let’s say that GM (disclosure: not a customer) wants to better understand Corvette press. Filtering for Corvette topics specifically can uncover how readers are engaging with Corvette coverage, how product launches went, what types of articles attract the most readers, and what publications and/or reporters are driving the most readership around Corvettes. If the team has upcoming announcements, they can tailor their media strategy to optimize for readership.

With Tags, we can take that a layer deeper. Let’s say GM’s comms team wants to make sure GM is known as an innovator in the automotive industry. All their key messages of the year are related to innovation in care safety, electric cars, self-driving car technology, etc. The team can use Tags to categorize or rate the innovation message pull through for their coverage, across the board. They can also tag which team is responsible for which product or piece of coverage. When you look back, you can see what teams are totally nailing innovation messaging, what reporters and media outlets are garnering readership with the innovation message, and so on.

This is all to say that we’re excited about Tags! We’re all about giving comms and PR teams the data they need to prove value, boost campaign efficiency, and make smarter decisions for their brand.

If you want to learn more about Topics, Tags, or Memo readership data, head over to Memo for Brands.

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