Introducing the Only Readership-driven Reporter Database

Alexandra Shea

September 27th, 2023

Today, Memo launched Reporter Intelligence, the first and only readership-driven reporter database.

I know what you’re thinking…once you’ve seen one reporter database, you’ve seen them all. That’s exactly what we thought, so we conducted countless interviews, read forums, weeded through blogs, and researched until we could no longer. All of this resulted in us breaking down the concept of reporter databases to the reason they were created to begin with and deciding to reinvent them from the ground up with a data-driven mindset.

Keep reading to see what we changed and how it will make your life easier.

Reporter-level readership by topic uncovers what stories will resonate.

Contact information is helpful, but what’s more helpful is seeing what reporters are currently writing about (and where) so you know what will drive readership for your brand and help them drive traffic for their publication. We created reporter profiles that reveal top-read topics and articles for reporters alongside contact information.

When a reporter moves, readership data moves with them.

One of the biggest challenges with reporter databases is that they become out of date quickly. If you don’t triple check via social channels, you could be left sending a pitch that ends up in the clouds. Because Memo tracks readership at the article-level, you’ll always be able to see where reporters are currently writing, what they’re writing about, and what’s attracting readers.

Sentiment for reporter coverage helps you anticipate outcomes.

Memo is always testing the latest AI technologies to see what yields the most accurate results when it comes to sentiment. Memo’s platform determines article and brand (mentions within an article) sentiment with over 90% accuracy (compared to 65% accuracy with similar platforms). Within Reporter Intelligence, you can see sentiment breakdowns for an individual reporter’s coverage so you know what to expect.

Learn more about Memo’s Reporter Intelligence.

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