Evolving Role of Communications

We asked 1,000 communicators about what their job entails, priorities, and team structure to see what the role of communications look like in today’s corporate landscape.

State of Crisis Comms

Memo surveyed 1,000 comms pros to find out what they’re most concerned about, how they plan for potential crises ahead, their approach to incident response, and more.

Saudi Arabia’s Influence on Sports Readership

Saudi Arabia’s ties to professional golf and soccer is one of the most controversial sports stories of the year. What can other brands learn from MLS and PGA’s entanglement with Saudi Arabia? Memo analyzed over 7,000 articles to find out.

Netflix’s Impact on the World of Sports

What do Netflix’s shows do for readership around the sports they highlight? We analyzed U.S. readership across golf, tennis, and F1 to uncover how each docuseries impacts interest in each sport.

2023 Crisis Index

Memo’s 2023 Crisis Index examines a year of major brand crises — from some of the world’s most prominent banks and retailers, to popular fast food chains and car manufacturers. The report unpacks how people engage with news around brand crises and what comms pros can learn from it all.

TV Show Readership Trends

TV shows are a pinnacle of popular culture. But what role does the media play in a show’s success? How do release strategies impact show readership? And does media coverage really indicate viewership? Memo Insights tackles these questions and so much more.

Bud Light’s Crisis Explored

Bud Light’s handling of its work with transgender influencer, Dylan Mulvaney, left the brand in crisis. We analyzed readership data to understand the crisis better, uncover trends, and identify learnings for comms pros. 

When Does an Article’s Readership Peak?

We pulled a random sample of articles to see when an article receives the majority of its readership. Turns out, the vast majority of readership happens within the first 3 days of publication. Read the full analysis.