Bud Light’s Crisis Explored

Bud Light’s handling of its work with transgender influencer, Dylan Mulvaney, left the brand in crisis. We analyzed readership data to understand the crisis better, uncover trends, and identify learnings for comms pros. 

When Does an Article’s Readership Peak?

We pulled a random sample of articles to see when an article receives the majority of its readership. Turns out, the vast majority of readership happens within the first 3 days of publication. Read the full analysis.

Travel & Tourism Readership Trends

Memo analyzed just over 900 articles across major U.S. publications and travel trades to identify readership trends and what brands can learn from them.

IBM vs. Oracle: Who’s winning readers?

Looking at coverage trends based on volume and impressions only tells you part of the story, and sometimes it’s not even the important part. Memo studied IBM and Oracle press coverage over a 3-month period, and uncovered some surprising findings.

State of Media & Readership Report 2023

We analyzed more than half a million articles to uncover the biggest learnings derived from readership trends and compiled actionable, data-backed insights to inform your media strategy in the year ahead.

Unmasking Meta’s Bad News Strategy

We analyzed nearly 6,300 articles about Meta – a company that has had its fair share of negative press in the past year – to understand their bad news strategy and the impact it has on readership.