Road to Insights: Electric Vehicle Readership Trends

Allison Horton

March 1st, 2023

The pursuit for sustainable and clean transportation is becoming more and more mainstream. Along with electric-only players like Tesla, Lucid Motors, and Rivian, major automakers are investing heavily into electric vehicle development. The market is becoming increasingly saturated as technology evolves and demand grows. In fact, the electric vehicle market is expected to reach around $1103.17 billion by 2030. 

From a communications perspective, companies are competing for eyeballs and brand awareness just as much as dollars. What can readership uncover about PR strategies for electric vehicle announcements in the year ahead? We analyzed readership on 640 articles about electric vehicles published between Jan. 1 and Feb. 7, 2023.

Some auto publications attract surprising readership for EV news

If you look purely at impressions or UVMs, large national publications rise to the top of the rankings. There’s no doubt that national news sites like Fox News, Business Insider, CNBC, and others attract high readership. The question is, do they drive (no pun intended) readership around the topics or brands you care about? 

If you’re making assumptions about publication readership, even if it’s based on unique visitors monthly (UVMs) or impressions, you’re probably missing opportunities…maybe even a big one. Certain auto outlets punch above their weight class when it comes to EV news, often delivering as much readership as highly-trafficked national pubs.

Electrek, Jalopnik, InsideEVs, and Road & Track drive consistently high readership on articles about EV news and all rank within the top 10 publications. Their average readership (in turquoise) is comparable to the larger national sites that get higher UVMs (in yellow). Tech-focused site The Verge is also a hidden gem for EV news.

Headlines comparing EV to ICEV capabilities break through the noise

When it comes to readership, sometimes it’s the headline that attracts readers. The most-read headlines during the research window compare the ability of EVs to hold up against (or outperform) their internal combustion counterparts. A couple of examples:

  • Electrek: “Watch a Chevy Silverado EV attempt to tow a 7,700 lb RV”
  • InsideEVs: “Here’s How Fast An EV Heats Up Compared To An ICE Car”

Note for pitching: Including this angle in campaigns or pitches might help you maximize readership while also educating the market on the superior capabilities of your EV models.

Action items for the road

Take a close look at the reporters and publications attracting relatively high readership for the topics you care about most. They might not be the people or places you expect. In the world of EVs, that means not sleeping on some of the trade publications that consistently draw in readers. When it comes to pitching, make sure your messaging and positioning is in line with what entices the most eyeballs. Calibrating in readership can help you focus your energy and resources where they can make the biggest impact.

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