Customer Favorites: 2023 Features and Products

Alexandra Shea

November 15th, 2023

This year we surpassed 1,500 publications tracked, 270 brands tracked, and countless other milestones big and small. As the year winds down, we compiled a list of our customers’ favorite new products and features from 2023 and what makes each of them instrumental for their team.

Custom tagging for categorizing coverage and showcasing wins

We introduced custom tagging early in the year, and it’s one of the most used new features of 2023. Since then, we’ve seen customers use tags to categorize coverage by departments or teams, core message and pull-through score, and campaigns on an almost daily basis.

Sentiment analysis that’s over 90% accurate

We tested countless AI technologies across a broad range of brands and coverage to create automated sentiment analysis that is over 90% accurate at the article and brand level (compared to 65% accuracy of competitive tools). We’ve seen customers use sentiment to

understand how reporters and publications typically cover specific brands or topics. Because this provides deeper analysis opportunities, we also see sentiment customers heavily rely on filtering to understand which topics, competitors, publications, reporters get positive, neutral or negative coverage.

Providing context for successes with Benchmarking

Benchmarking allows teams to see how their own readership compares to typical readership for similar coverage in the same publication. The three most popular way we’ve seen Benchmarking used since launch, include:

  • to see if wins attracted more readers than what’s typical for the publication
  • if negative coverage attracted more or less readers than similar coverage to determine if it’s worth a response
  • to get a comparative view of how your readership ranks relative to competitors in priority outlets

Over 100% of our accounts with Benchmarking enabled are relying heavily on the topics filter to understand what topics are driving the most readership for their brand and for their competitors. 

A reporter database that’s beyond a rolodex.

We conducted countless interviews, read forums, weeded through blogs, and dug into existing products in the market to understand what’s working for the teams we serve and what’s not. It became abundantly clear that databases are only as powerful as the data that informs them. Memo launched the first-ever reporter database that reveals top-read topics, articles, sentiment, and more alongside contact information. 

While this is our more recent launch of 2023, we’ve already seen customers leverage the database to see what reporters attract the most readers for specific coverage categories–top 5 categories are:

  1. Corporate news
  2. Executive coverage
  3. Event coverage
  4. Product reviews
  5. Corporate ESG initiatives

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